Open in Word feature is not working sharepoint 2016 on MAC

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Open in Word (Client) feature is not working SharePoint 2016 on MAC. when we select the option open in word, the client just bounces but not opening the document.  Are there any fixes for this issue.

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Does anyone have the same issue?


@Rukma_Srip  My issue is similar... when we select 'Open in Word' from Word Web App, Word launches but cannot properly authenticate with our ADFS server. Instead of showing login page in a browser window, it shows the actual sharePoint site in a browser window. So then Word does not proceed to opening the document and I have to Force Quit Word for Mac.


What's interesting is that we have a Fortinet Application Firewall. When we bypass the application firewall, authentication starts working. Unfortunately, my network administrator is not keen to bypass the application firewall, so we're stuck trying to tweak browser settings to make it work. We had a little success disabling the popup blocker, but that seemed to only help for a day, then the old behavior returned.


I may submit this as a new conversation, but I wanted to share with you as well.


Good luck!