Number added to user email addresses - SharePoint access

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I have an issue with user account which is created on onPrem AD and synced to AzureAD. The user account has been terminated and recreated. After the Account has been recreated with the same name we noticed that the user got also an additional email alias in with in  Office365. I was able to clean up  and delete the additional email with digits by using this link. 
After this procedure the user is working ok, emails etc are just fine but when the user access SparePoint website I still see that in some part of tracing it still apears with the digits added to his mail address:


This is causing a lot of issues on SharePoint. Any Ideas?

Thank you in advance

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@pawmothe only part of can think of is missing to cleanup your soft delete section where you have all your accounts, since there is an existing UPN using the same user ID that is why the digits has been adding and even if you rename sometimes it still remains in the logs....


to resolve this issue the first suggestion is to cleanup / delete all the accounts from the delete / soft delete section in Admin Center, secondly recreated or rename those accounts making sure to visit the Exchange online or exchange on prem if in Hybird mode to edit the advance features of each accounts since there might be still something which is related to these numbers accounts....