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Setting up a new Sharepoint intranet and have added a news feed to the homepage. When we add a new news post we are using headings and line spaces in the text as shown in the first image. When we view it on the home page it brings the text in on one line without the heading formats (second image). Is there a way to change this so they display the same?






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@tlw010779 no, not with the out-of-the-box news web part, it's designed to be just a single line snippet of the beginning of the story and the user is expected to click on it to get the full formatted story.


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If you want some control over that space, you can edit the Page Description in Page Details on the news article itself. Since the description shows just a few lines of “basic” text, depending on the layout of the News web part, you won’t be able to use formatting. But, you can make it look better either by editing the Page Description or by writing all of your articles with a summary sentence at the top of the page. That first sentence will form the page description automatically.