Move files off Sharepoint and onto OneDrive

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My office wants to disassociate all our files from SharePoint and instead store them in OneDrive. How do I complete this action?


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Hello @Ericka_Eppler 


it's very important to knwo, that OneDrive is the name for different functions/tools:


1. OneDrive for Business is the users perosnal file storage (based on SharePoint)

2. OneDrive (NextGen Sync Client) is the client, that you can work offline (or in file explorer), but this files are stored everytime on SharePoint


What's your use case? Which OneDrive would you like to use?


In SharePoint Modern you can copy or move files direct over your command bar.

More information: 


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Keep in mind that OneDrive is positioned as a storage solution for personal files. Storing corporate data in OneDrive will likely violate the contractual agreements.
Also keep in mind that when a user leaves the organization the associated OneDrive is removed. After 93 days the data is no longer available via the recycle bins. Your offboarding process needs to address this.