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I have a list which is coming up with an error saying the number of lookup columns I have is over the threshold but I cannot find 12 lookup columns. If a column was originally a lookup column but has been changed to single line of text would it still count towards the 12 columns? Any help would be really appreciated.




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Hello @lucystevens 


Looukp, People Picker and Managed Metadata are counting also as complex columns. Maybe you have too much other columns.


Here are more informations from @Rik de Koning https://www.portiva.nl/portiblog/2018/07/04/microsoft-flow-get-item-from-list-with-more-than-12-look...

" The following column types are defined as lookup columns:

  • Standard lookup columns
  • Managed metadata columns
  • People and groups columns (These also include the Created by and Modified by fields, see below!)
  • Workflow Status columns "


Best, Dave