Looking for some ideas for this application (see description)

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Hello. My work uses sharepoint for their employee webpages and we have something called the "help desk" and there is a different engineer working on the help desk every day. There are usually 10-20 people on the help desk team. We currently use excel for the help desk schedule and everybody in the company can view the help desk schedule to see who is on the help desk on the corresponding day. 


We have been having many problem with managing it on excel and I am reaching out to see if there are any applications or tools that can make this easier. We want the schedule to be embedded on one of our sharepoint pages and we want it to be easy for engineers to swap help desk days with eachother.


Thank you

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Well you can use a SharePoint List and Create a calender view:



This is probably easiest way to build it. Another way would be an power app, where you can add functionallity and logic but that requires alot more



Would there be a way to embed this calendar view into a sharepoint page?





Yes just add SharePoint list webpart and select to use that view!