Link to my news page is missing from the left side navigation links

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I have been updating my teams sharepoint page, and I just noticed that the link to the News page is missing!

On the left side navigation links (Home, Calendar, Recycle bin, etc.) there was one for our News page - but its gone now. 

I had the page bookmarked so I can still get to it, and we have the News linked to our Home page, but I really would like it back in the left side nav list too.

Anyone know how to get it back?


**missing from the list:



**but the page is still somewhere??:




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Hello @jennalis


bottom in your left navigation you have the edit "navigation" link, edit and add a new entry to your news page.


Regards, Dave 

I can add a new news post .. what I'm looking for is to add the link to the news page to the navigation - so it shows all the time.
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Hello @jennalis


you can copy the link from your news post and it as navigation link.


1. after creating a new news, copy the link from your news:



2. Edit navigation pane



3. add the link to your new news as navigation link:



 Hope this helps you.


Regards, Dave

Yeeess!! That is exactly what I wanted!! THANK YOU THANK YOU