JSON Shareoint list working from link but not from list

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We have a sharepoint list that is populated with different data. I have set some JSON on the body to make this data better to use and visible in one overview. However since a couple of weeks the JSON is not working correct anymore. At first I thought it wasnt working at all but then I noticed that it did give me the different sections I created, it just put all the data in list form an not in a nice overview. I tried different options on the settings but for some reason the format kept as is. 


There are some power flows attached and one of the flows sends an email with a link to an item from the list. The strange ting is that when we use the link, the JSON is completely working. So it appears that when we enter the item via the link the JSON is working, but when we enter the item via the list itself the JSON format is not working.




"sections": [
"displayname": "Algemene Materiaal Gegevens",
"fields": [
"UIN Code",
"UIN description",
"Material Group",
"Base UoM",
"Alternative UoM",
"Product Contact",
"MSDS Required",
"Stock Item",
"Reason of request",
"Maintenance Engineer",
"P&Id tag",
"displayname": "Leverancier Gegevens",
"fields": [
"Manufacturer Part Number",
"Supplier Article Number",
"Supplier Description",
"Commodity Code",
"Country of Origin",
"Delivery Time in days",
"Order Unit",
"Price per Order Unit"
"displayname": "Voorraad Informatie",
"fields": [
"Stock present",
"Minimum Stock",
"Expected Year Demand",
"Storage Bin",
"Type aanvraag",
"Date Created",
"Order quantity",
"Ordered via Ariba",
"Opslaglocatie MSDS materiaal",



View when we enter via link 

View from link.jpg


View when we enter from list

view from list.jpg

Any idea why there is difference in the way the JSON works? I would like to see it always as it is now via the link. Previously this was always the case.

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Since the change started to the new Lists experience there have been quite a lot of problems with different aspects of JSON formatting. Hopefully Microsoft will get this sorted shortly.