Is There a Limit on the Number of Content Types Allowed in a Library?

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Everything I've read says there's no hard limit on the number of Content Types you can have in a Library.

However, I'm running into issues with 39 or more Content Types added to a Library. When I add the 39th, the metadata 'details pane' will not show any metadata at all, and it displays a spinning wheel which never goes away, even after leaving it sit all day. It just looks like it's trying to load the metadata, but never does. When I remove the 39th content type bringing the total down to 38, everything works again.

I've tried:

  • Creating new libraries and adding the content types again. Same issue.
  • For the 39th content type, I've tried different ones to see if a particular one was causing issue. But it doesn't matter which one is the 39th.
  • Tried adding content types in smaller batches (five at a time) in case SharePoint had trouble processing all at once.
  • Tried waiting 24hrs to see if there was a timer job waiting to happen. Same issue.

Here is a screen capture below to help illustrate:


Any insight appreciated,


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