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Ever since we started looking for a board management portal that is based on SharePoint, and kind of in the process of adopting one. We started to think, why not an intranet portal software that is based SharePoint, that way we could integrate with intranet portal all the other solutions that we have already built on our SharePoint intranet. With this SharePoint we are aiming for some changes in the organization. First of all integrating all internal communication under one software, we already use SharePoint so all our documents are already here, if our intranet is based here, then document sharing and access could be more easy right. Also we have offices around multiple locations, an intranet will also help connect all these offices. Another common problem that our employees face now is finding the document they need to work on, we found out that a SharePoint intranet portal software with unique department portals could solve that issue. Also we are aiming that this intranet portal will reinforce our brand identity with our employees.

I was amazed at the response you guys gave on my last query. Hoping you guys could help me with this one also. Thanks in Advance.

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@robearth The best place to start is the SharePoint Lookbook


I also suggest watching some of the videos from Microsoft Ignite. This is a good one on designing a beautiful Intranet 

@robearth Hello,

I agree with Steve about looking at SharePoint look book!

Here is a link to a previous post of mine regarding best practice architecture for SharePoint based intranet:

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