How to lock a spreadsheet in Sharepoint

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I need to lock a spreadsheet to be view only in Sharepoint.  There has to be an answer.  I don't want to make it by permissions or change library settings, just to lock or encrypt a spreadsheet.

Please help!

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I may be missing something but, it’s Excel, why wouldn’t you just use the Excel protection functionality that’s been there for 100 years?

@BradD  thank you for the suggest that is 100 years old.  This is a document created in sharepoint and lives in sharepoint and it does not have all the options that a desktop Excel document has.

Do you have another suggest that maybe isn't as old as the first one?  I really am looking for a solution.

@SheriW but regardless, again, it's still Excel.  I just tested it myself.


I created a new workbook, opened it in the desktop app, locked it (and it saved automatically) and then when I go back to the online view, it's locked and I cannot edit it.  You can't edit the protection in the online view but that doesn't stop you from opening it in the desktop app and making those changes.


If that's now what you're after then I'm clearly misunderstanding your issue.




@SheriW I was wondering if  you ever received an answer on how to lock a spreadsheet. I have to do that at work and cannot get an answer other than to password protect it. Using a password does not allow others to view as needed though. Thank you.


Lock it in excel or check it out in SharePoint.
check it out or change the permissions to read only.

@shawn_fielding  How do you "check it out" in SharePoint? I am new to SharePoint as of today and we're trying to get a grip on things here.


Assuming you have SP Online, click the ... then go to "more" options. It should say check out under there. That will lock it to read only for everyone but you.
I found it, thank you very much.

Hi @BradD,


I tried the sharepoint sheet to be edited in the excel first but it doesn't go to the excelsheet itself, it only reopens in the sharepoint link, I used the "OPEN IN DESKTOP" option, still it reopens/refreshes my sharepoint sheet only and thereby not giving me much option to move further ..