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Good day,

I have done alot of reading on how to clean up my Sharepoint and it is not successful. I deleted these hacked files from my mobile app by deleting the file. When I go back into my Sharepoint folder, the hacked file is back. 

I saw on my "Sign Ins" that the hacker logon successfully from another country, I changed my password. Did the deleting again with the mobile app and still unsuccessful.

Can I load a antivirus app onto Sharepoint? I looked at the Defender 365 but can't get it linked to my Sharepoint.


Please help???



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Hi Natasha,

First thing you should do is enable MFA on the accounts to prevent the session logins.

It may also be worth checking to see if the Sharing Policy for the site allows anonymous links. If it does then anyone with the link could potentially upload files into the library.

This article has information about Defender that may also help

@Natti2015 I am very sad to see what you are experiencing.
Hacking sometimes does harm other people. I can't help you much, because I only know about Cara Hack FB. Which my friend once used to hack Facebook accounts.
But I've heard stories from my friend's experience that it can be overcome in many ways.
One of them uses the Forgot Password method. Or maybe answer the Security Question as well. Also Two Factor Authentication.