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Hello Everyone,


I'm encountering a scenario where I'm trying to assign permissions to both a group and an individual user on a third-level inherited folder within our directory structure.


Here's a simplified version of the structure:



  • Subfolder A - L1
    • Subfolder A - L2 (Group Permission)
  • Subfolder B - L1
    • Subfolder B - L2 (Individual User Permission)

When I assign permissions to an individual user, they receive an invitation email and the folder appears in their OneDrive under the Shared tab.

However, when I assign permissions to a SharePoint group, members receive the invitation email and can access the directory via the link provided, but the folder does not appear in their OneDrive under the Shared tab like it does for the individual user.


I'm seeking assistance to ensure that member users of the group can see the folder in the same manner as the individual user.


Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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Hi @ImUzairr - SharePoint permission groups won't be recognized in OneDrive. Members of that group can click on the menu for that folder and use the 'add shortcut to OneDrive' option. I hope that helps!