Group Email Address "Not Available" When Creating A Team Site

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I am trying to set up a new Team Site for one of our customers. When creating the Team Site we are now getting prompted for a Group Email Address (as shown in the dialog box below). I have edited out the customer name below, but suffice to say that no matter what name I try for the Site Name, the Group Email Address is never acceptable, and I can never get past this stage. 




We used to be able to set up Team Sites without having to enter the Group Email Address, and I don't need an email address associated with the Team Site anyway. Is there any way past this? 



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@Jonathan Stone You should not get this error if you are entering unique name for M365 group email address.

However, if you want to create a SharePoint site without M365 group, you can create it from SharePoint admin center > Active Sites > Create 


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A bit late, but this is a note to self as well :D

I am guessing that you are using a partner admin account to create the team site. When I used that to create the team site, I also always get "not available" for the group alias and for the site address. But when I switched to a tenant admin account, both are accepted.

I would suggest for MS Sharepoint Online team to surface the true error message.