Get my old data from excel to my existing share point

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            I am new to Sharepoint .  I have a share point with 50+ records in list . I have some of my old records in excel i want to import into existing SharePoint list how do i do it . I see no import option ..


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Press new list and choose from excel.




If something is buggy or doesn't show up. Create a new list and create your field with the field type.  Then you press quick edit and then do a ctrl + a on you excel and copy all field. Then you can paste it

@NicolasKheirallah "Create a list from excel" works for creating a "new" list with excel data. However, @Ayappan007 already have a SharePoint list with some data in it.

Update information at the speed of type: Edit in grid view 


@Ayappan007 How many records are there in the excel file? If those are very few records, you can copy paste those into SharePoint list using "Edit in grid view" option in SharePoint list. 




Create a simple Power automate flow which will read rows from excel file and create a item in SharePoint list for each row in excel.


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