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Hello there,


I am working in SP List and I would like to add a column choice with default value "On" and with a formula change this value from "On" to "Off". But it's not working.

Example I have these columns:
"Score" column data type=number (Default value=0)
"On\Off" column data type=choice (Default value="On")

This is my formula but it doesn't working:


What am I doing wrong or what I'm trying can't be done with the Choice column type?

I hope you can help me.




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Your OnOff column needs to be a calculated column, you can't do this with a choice column unless you build a simple flow in Power Automate.

@Dani_Solis Where are you adding this formula? You cannot refer another column in default value formula for any column.


Do you want this choice column to be editable by users from list forms? If yes, you may need to use Power automate flow or Power apps customized list form to automatically update choice column value based on another column.


If you don't want choice column to be editable by user, you can use calculated column instead of choice column as suggested by @RobElliott 

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