Edit what items users can see from the SharePoint list I've created with Power Automate

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I have create an automated forms that creates a new item in SharePoint list with the information that is provided in the forms. But the problem is that when people access the SharePoint list they should see only their records with the information that they provided in the forms and not all the other people informations. As I'm the owner of the Power Automate process, the item in the list is created by "me".

How can I edit the view for the person who access the list to see only the records that contains their e-mail and not all the records? I've tried to edit in the read section in advanced mode on "list settings" but  obviously it's not working since the option "SEE MY OWN ITEMS" is related to the item that the person created and that is not the case, as the item was created by my automated process extracting the information from the Microsoft Forms.

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Hi Lucas,

If your priority is only to make sure the user sees their items when they access the list, I guess you could create a field called "Sender" or something like that. From that, you could create a view where Sender is equal to to the current user. That would make the user see only the items sent by him, instead of Created By him. However, this option does not change any permission, so if you have to make sure the user does not have access to any other item, it wouldnt work.

If your priority is security, i.e. making sure the user has only access to items that he sent, things could get a little tricky. I've worked on a solution in the past where there was a flow in Power Automate that would move the item to their respective folder based on the properties of the item created. So, in your example, you could have different folders for each user - you would have to enable the "Add Folder" option for the list-, where each folder has its own unique permissions, then when an item is created, read the "Sender" email and move the item to his respective folder. That would make it so the item would be inside a folder with unique permissions. In this case, you'd have to worry about the number of items created, since breaking inheritance in SharePoint gets tricky after 5000 items.

If you have any questions, let me know.
Hi Carlos,
First I would like to thank you for your answer.
The first option would fit for me if i didn'd have to make sure that the user only see their records, as you said, but unfortunately that's not the case.
About the second option, we have over 1,5k items in the list but it keeps growing fast. Maybe it would work for some time but we would reach the 5k items registered in a while.
We are trying to find out how people would be able to get their items and edit it without accessing the SharePoint list, maybe through a Power App or a Power Virtual Agent.
Thanks for your help!