Document Collaboration AutoSave issue

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I have a SharePoint Online site for document collaboration and are using native features to collaborate files together with the team. The problem is its sometime freeze while 4-5 members are working togethers. This is happening more often and wondering if there are any configurations to change the AutoSave configuration time from one second to five seconds? I verified from the admin portal and dont see any of those features. Autorecovery exist from office client settings on every 10 minutes however I dont have provision to extend/autosave configuration time.


The file with more than 5 mb is giving us trouble forever and people are frustrated about this native feature and why its not working as expected.

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I don't think you can change that, the autosave allow real time collaboration. Can you specify which type of document? Docx or Doc, or something else. issue on desktop app or web app? Do you use extra app (Mendeley or other plugin in your instance?) If in the web, same behavior whatever the browser?

@Vertebre85  Thank you. Its a .docx file. Another issue is everytime when team is on collaboration, when typing/saving, there is a lagging. People are complaining about it. Any advise on avoid lagging?