Disconnect user from open Excel file

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Our company has a number of Sharepoint Libraries that we use for document collaboration ( Word files, Excel files, etc ).  I have a financial file for our 2021-22 fiscal year that we keep adding data to, to see our progress through out the year.  I use version history if I want to see a previous version of this file.

We did some pretty significant changes to the file at the end of Nov, and I wanted to keep the old version named 2021-22 (to end of Nov).  The revised file is now named 2021-22 (Dec 1 onwards).


Problem is, I have one or two users who rarely close the file (when I open it, I always see their initials in it). When they come in on Monday, they'll have the old version open, and will probably carry on entering data into that file.  I'm an Office 365 Admin ; is there a way to "kick" these users out right now ??   Thanks ! 

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Hi @BrianH1957,
Though I have not critically checked this out with documents, but I am thinking of idle SharePoint Session Time Out.

I will check and revert back.



Thank you !

Hello @BrianH1957
I tried the SharePoint Idle session Timeout, it actually signed out the user after a particular given time. But it did not sign out the user from seeing the document, except the user refreshes the browser. If the document is opened on the desktop app, this session time out didn't also sign the user out.
But then, every update made syncs across the document whenever there is internet access and wherever it is opened.
To the best of my knowledge though.


Thank you !

@BrianH1957 did you ever figure out how to remove the users from the SharePoint? I have the same issue but I use Macros everyday and my users use the desktop app. 


No, not really.   I'm still looking for a solution, but for now we're just living with it. 

I'm facing a similar issue as @Jruizespitia. I'm using some macros (in an independent file) to make changes to workbooks shared on a SharePoint location. Even with Autosave turned on, if another user has a workbook open, the changes made by the macros are not saved and I get a "Unable to merge with changes made by another user" error.

Any help would be appreciated.