Disable clicking on image web part

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Is it possible to disable the lightbox when clicking on an image web part that doesn't have a link configured?


It's confusing the navigation of the page. a simple switch of hyperlink on/off would suffice.



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I have exactly the same problem. Would be great to get a fix on this Microsoft.

YES, this really needs to be able to disable.

A link URL or open image or Don't do anything.

Yes, I am also hoping to see this feature made available.

Agree. This really needs to be able to disable the click interaction (it is the common use case).

Please add a simple toggle switch to enable/disable image click interaction. Thanks

@twincode The image as a link is a user experience disaster. I've been using the embed web part instead and with an html iframe. It doesn't really work for mobile browsing, but is perfectly crisp on the computer. I typically upload a jpg or png to the site assets folder and set the width and height to the image. I also make my images the exact width of the sharepoint site columns. give it a try.



<iframe src="url_to_image" width="1204" height="100" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Someone is working on that already?
its disaster... I am just forced to click on all images as I beleave there is some link but wait... there is nothing... just image.

MS Team... do something about this... there are some standards in WWW and this is not following it.