Date Validation in Lists

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I'm new to playing around with Lists as I'm taking over for someone who used to manage these.


We are using this list to request staffing and part of that is a "Staffing Start" date column. That date needs to be in 2024. I add my column "Staffing Start" and default the value to today's date and require the column contains information and then I put in validation. I've tried the following (and some others)


  1. =YEAR([Staffing Start])=2024
  2. =TEXT([Staffing Start],"yyyy")="2024"
  3. =[Staffing Start]>DATE(2023,12,31)

When I put any of them in the validation while in the "Lists" application. I get "Sorry, we couldn't edit the column. Please try again." When I am in the browser and edit the column it saves but when I open it again the [Staffing Start] is changed to #NAME?. The ">" symbol is changed to ">" as well.


I assume this is an idiosyncrasy of the browser because of the > swap.


What am I doing wrong? I need this validation to work.

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Just wanted to follow up on this. I cannot get it to work in the application but on the website if I go to the list Settings then go to the column there, I'm able to get the column validation settings. So it seems to be an application (MS Lists) issue.