Date format needs to be DD/MM/YYYY



When you create a new date column in SharePoint, the default format is MM/DD/YYYY.


However, I live in a country where we use DD/MM/YYYY, and changing in the default format into that is not approved by SharePoint - look at the screendump.


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that's controlled by your site's regional settings in settings,

Change the locale to match your country. Let me know how it goes
This is perfect, thank you!

@microsoft please give a global option for this that can set default regional settings. Better Still set default based on tenant location ie uk datacentres default to uk settings. Changing per site is a pain and prone to admins forgetting to do this. TY

@Sean_Palmariellodivine - Absolutely!  It drives me crazy that when users create a list in Sharepoint (or rather in Teams) I have to go into the site settings to change the locale - when I've asked for my data to be in UK datacenters.


If not possible to default based on data location, there should absolutely be a "for all sites in this tenant that are or ever will be, here's the locale to use".