Date format needs to be DD/MM/YYYY

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When you create a new date column in SharePoint, the default format is MM/DD/YYYY.


However, I live in a country where we use DD/MM/YYYY, and changing in the default format into that is not approved by SharePoint - look at the screendump.


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that's controlled by your site's regional settings in settings,

Change the locale to match your country. Let me know how it goes
This is perfect, thank you!

@Pernille-Eskebo please give a global option for this that can set default regional settings. Better Still set default based on tenant location ie uk datacentres default to uk settings. Changing per site is a pain and prone to admins forgetting to do this. TY

@Sean_Palmariellodivine - Absolutely!  It drives me crazy that when users create a list in Sharepoint (or rather in Teams) I have to go into the site settings to change the locale - when I've asked for my data to be in UK datacenters.


If not possible to default based on data location, there should absolutely be a "for all sites in this tenant that are or ever will be, here's the locale to use".

@Andres Gorzelany 
Changing the site's regional settings appear to have no effect on the Modified column in our site's document lists.
Is there anywhere else we can change these settings?

Can you show the regional settings and column settings?
Hello Andres,
Thanks, but it seems that the document list was in the site libraries and lists section and is unaffected by the regional settings which are set to UK.
I went into the customise "documents" and then into change column for "modified" and then inserted the JSON supplied from:
All resolved now.
I have the same problem, but I am trying to create a new column called "EventDate" and both the site and the hub site regional settings are all set to NZ, I can display the date correctly by using "Friendly" display format or JSON. But USER INPUT still uses US date format so staff are going to enter it wrong all the time! I have looked and looked but cannot find a solution???
Additionally, I know it comes up with a date picker, which is fine if the date you want to enter is recent but say you want to enter 01/05/1970... nobody is going to click it back month by month for 52 odd years! So they will type it in 01/05/1970 meaning 1st May 1970 but without knowing they are actually entering 5th January 1970 which is incorrect.

it doesn't work to me @Andres Gorzelany 

I keep seeing 'change regional settings' as a solution to this ongoing problem but it does not work. SharePoint date in SharePoint list remains in US format unless you switch to friendly view. The only way I have been able to work around it is to create a new calculated column that uses the date column in the US format and calculates it via a formula into a DD/MM/YYYY. I hide the incorrect column and display calculated column. This is not optimal because you cant modify the calculated column within the list (read only).

Would love to know how to resolve the date format issue (based in Australia).