Converting Microsoft Forms to Sharepoint list

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I have created a Sharepoint list and a Microsoft Form.


Using power automate I am trying to automatically populate the Sharepoint list.


The problem is if the whole form is not completed it won't populate the list in Sharepoint at all.


Please help

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Hello @Untechsavy 

If I understood well, the data of the form will be storage in the SharePoint list?


If yes, the power automate flow need a trigger and that's when you submit the responses.


Let me know if you have more details about it.






@jmaradiagaio yes what you said is correct.


I have done the form, Sharepoint and flow set up.


The problem is that if the person fills in every box on the form it populates Sharepoint.


If the person doesn't fill in one of the boxes then it throws an error and the information doesn't flow through to Sharepoint.

Do you have a screenshot of the issue?

Hi @Untechsavy , you can fill your SP List with a Power Automate Flow to get your Forms Data into it. There is no direct connection so far between SP, Excel and Forms automatically. But it is always a good idea (in my eyes) to do it with SharePoint and not with Excel.

pls. go to "" or with the office tile to the Power Automate Icon Start. I send you here attached a screenshot of this flow, a very easy one. Save it and start a new item in your list then, witch the adopted properties in your SP List and Tenant. Hope that helps. If so, give a LIKE. 

I've got the flow created but if one of the cells isn't populated on the form it throws and error and doesn't populate the Sharepoint table.


If all the cells on the form are completed then I have no problems.

@Untechsavy then you can specify directly in your Forms-Form, which field has to be filled. For this to do you have to edit your Forms Fields, if they are mandatory or not. And if they have to be filled, just change this property to mandatory. 



@Untechsavy you also could add a condition action in your flow, to review IF a field content is unequal to Null... only an idea. Screenshot here attached for you.


All the best, Eva.