Comparing a zip code range

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The company I work gets a monthly state sales tax rate file by state and zip code.  I was working with it and found several errors.  The boss was also have a problem with a file from a customer where the St code and zip code didn't match or were just missing.  


I set up a file for the range of zip codes by state.  I now want to be able to check the sales tax file we receive as well as the customer file to it for errors.  The sales tax is a problem if you look at attached file.  The first line any sales we made to zip code 65739 which is actually MO, would have been paid to Taney County in AR.  6.35% is the correct rate for 65739 but the service has us paying it to the wrong state and county.  


I have hit a road block on how I would do this easily. 


Thanks in advance for the assistance. 



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