Communication Site missing Navigation menu.

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Yesterday, the site was fine. Today, the navigation bar is missing on Site Pages. The Navigation bar was appearing normally on Libraries. Then I edited the nav bar, clicked Save, and the Nav bar disappeared on all the Libraries as well.


This is a communication site, so the navbar is  a top bar, not the normal side menu, if that makes a difference.

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Still no answer on why the navigation deleted when I saved. I had to create the whole navigation again.

there was no "edit" link available on the navbar as is normal, so I had to access the quicklaunch editor by manually editing the url, adding the string below after the site name.

I have a communication Site and missing Navigation menu.
When I try to activate ( SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure ) . I have got error
(Sorry, something went wrong
An unexpected error has occurred.)
Please if someone face the same problem, tell me .
Thank you

@Moesmail I am experiencing this problem too. I had local navigation links I wanted to change and when I removed them the 'edit' button was gone. This is happen only in the local navigation for communication pages.

I was able to reactivate the 'edit' button by going into the site settings and manually adding the item on the left in the 'quicklaunch' option. I hope this helps.

@MoesmailI also got an error when trying to activate publishing infrastructure, but I believe it was unrelated to my missing Navigation menu since the navigation menu was missing before I tried to enable the publishing infrastructure.


I could not enable Publishing infrastructure because I did not have sufficient rights in my system.

Hi @Clifferton & Moesmail,
You can actually activate SharePoint Server Publishing infrastructure using PowerShell.

But this will affect the look of the entire site,as well as the navigation.

Though it can be deactivated as well, after you are done achieving what you wanted.