Can I Change Who Receives Comment Notifications on a Page?

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I created a few pages for someone but now I am getting email notifications for comments added to, or "likes" of, the page, which they should be getting instead.  Is there a way to change the page's "created by" property?  I assume that is what controls who is notified.

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@Ukiman1014 You cannot change 'Created by' field. It is a system column. It is kind of grey area on who gets the notifications. It is mentioned that author of the page will be notified when someone comments or likes a page. Author of page is some one who gets mentioned at the header of the page. But in my experience, email notifications were always sent to the person who creates the page. 

Here is feedback item logged for this case 

@Ukiman1014 You cannot update the Created By column value from SharePoint UI.


However you can update it using the SharePoint REST API call. You have to make the POST call to this URL:


<siteUrl>/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('Site Pages')/items(1)/validateUpdateListItem


Body of the API call should be like: 


    "formValues": [
            "FieldName": "Author",
            "FieldValue": [
                    "Key": "i:0#.f|membership|email address removed for privacy reasons"
    "bNewDocumentUpdate": true

Use <siteUrl> and user LoginName inside "Key" as per your requirements.


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Thanks for the responses. In the end, I had the person who wanted to receive the comments make a copy of the page, so they were the creator. I then deleted the original page and renamed the copy to match the original. Luckily there weren't any shared links to the page that I needed to worry about.