Bulk editing the SP list and adding items from excel validation error

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Good day!


I am currently having an issue with my SP list after the update.


Before, I can add bulk items to SP list (lets say 100 items maximum) without editing any items from two columns (Lookup Columns). After not working on the SP list for quite some time, there must be an update that I was not aware of.


I am trying to add items in bulk, but the two lookup columns seems to have an issue. Whenever I add the items, I have to edit one-by-one these two look up columns to remove the error.

This is the sample data from my excel:



After adding the item/s, it gives me validation error:








I have to edit them one-by-one to remove the validation problem and I noticed one thing (it changed to the ID number from the lookup column from another SP List but sometimes it does not):






My question/s is/are:


Is there a workaround on this issue?

Can I edit the excel list to match with the id number from lookup list? If yes, what should I do so that I can edit the whole excel and just migrate the data to SP list to avoid editing the items in these lookup columns one-by-one?


Please note, I do not have any validation in these columns since I use these for cascading dropdown in PA. I am simply migrating previous items from excel to SP List.





Thank you in advance.





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Hi Did you ever find a solution to this? We are having the identical issue and all suggestions (clearing cache, different browser, recreate list etc) have not worked. We have three tennants and this is only occuring on one tennant.

Hi @Paul Haley


Unfortunately, It's not on List desktop app.


I edited the list on our sharepoint site list