Basic Authentication Deprecation Impact on SharePoint 2016

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Hi Team,

I have gone through the article about basic authentication deprecation here:


We have SharePoint 2016 which using Outgoing Email Settings i.e. SMTP server.

If Basic Authentication deprecates, what steps we have to take on SP2016 server.

We would like make sure, there shouldn't be any impact on email communications.

Please suggest here.




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Interesting scenario: Are you using Exchance Online in the Outgoing e-mail settings? If that's the case I think all the email integrations could stop working and there is not a fix for that when using EXO.

@Juan Carlos González Martín Thanks for your response. We provided SMTP server IP address in Outgoing email settings. TLS Connection Encryption set to "No". SMTP server port is 25.

How can we make sure it is using Exchange online?