Allowing everyone to access file but not to list all files in parent folder

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We have a SharePoint repository with 1000s of files. In the past the files were circulated as attachment via email. The receiver of such an email can access the attachment and/or forward the email (with attachment) at their discretion, knowing that the receiver can only access the attached files and nothing else. With our new repository we would like to share file links instead of file attachments. Still following the same principals (not sharing more than the specific file in the link and allowing everyone who receives the email to access the file but nothing else). 



If we give "everyone" access to the repository the links work as intended. HOWEVER, given that the links include the path to the document people can easily list the full content of the parent folder (=all 1000s of files in the repository) by simply removing the file name from the path.


Is there a way to give everyone access to each individual file but to restrict the group of people who can list/view the full content of the SharePoint folder?



We do not know who may or may not need access to each induvial file so we cannot solve the problem by restricting access on a file level. Creating different subfolders in the parent folder is also not an option. 

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Hello @Lollo_ok 


I think your scenario can't be mapped like this with default possibilities. If users have permissions, then they can also view the files, see them in search or merges. You need to give folder or file permissions so that you can get a handle on this and all users only have access where they should.


Good luck, Dave