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So, I'm not a Sharepoint expert, but would like to achieve something specific and don't know how. As such, I'm collecting ideas.

I have a PDF reference document that is about 500 pages long. It is extremely detailed and useful, but also unwieldy, overwhelming and difficult to navigate in PDF form. As such, I'd like to create a page on our Sharepoint that shows the content of this PDF (not the PDF itself) in an interactive way. By interactive, I mean that the different sections and subsections are shown in expandable sections, with a section-index on the left, then within the sub-sections, you can expand any relevant tables as and when the reader wants to see them. 

The overall aim is to make the document less scary by enabling the reader to start off on a less detailed, higher level, and then select what portions of the document they want to see based on their current enquiry, rather than showing them absolutely everything and then asking them to search out the portion that they are interested in.

Is there any function or add-in that you know of for Sharepoint that can achieve that? I've had a look around on the web and all I can find are endless discriptions of how you can create a document library, i.e. show some links to documents saved in the cloud.

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@hashamyim I'm not sure I fully understand, but it sounds like you could use a collapsible section which serves as an accordion.  


It's easy to set up.  Add your section and turn Make this section collapsible to yes.  Usually I set the default display to yes as well.  


Will this work for you?   


x@PamDeGraffenreid Yeah, that would work great! Two questions:

Can you have sub-sections and sub-sub-sections, or is only one level possible?

Also, is there a way of showing an index of the sections on the left-hand side, so that you can navigate quickly to the section you're looking for without having the scroll down the main page?

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Actually, the attached would be perfect. It looks like a Sharepoint site. The index is on the left, with sub sections in order to navigate through, a filter at the top left, and there is even a PDF download option in the bottom left. Is this page based on a Sharepoint plugin, do you know?



@hashamyim the Microsoft docs site is not built on SharePoint. To an extent you can mimic that page by turning on the Quick Launch menu in your site settings. On a modern Team site it will be down the left side as you can see below. See more here.



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One thing you can do inside the PDF itself is to make sure that the table of contents is interactive. Then, you can add the document in a File Viewer web part. That will show the entire document and you can use the navigation inside the PDF itself. Another option would be to break up the document into smaller documents and use metadata on the documents to organize the structure. You could then use a connected list to allow the user to scroll through the document "sections" and then when they click on one, display the file in a File Viewer web part. See: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/connect-web-parts-in-sharepoint-b457668c-d843-4b1b-8977-a... for some examples.

@Susan Hanley Ah, great! Thanks for the info. I shall give it all a look and see what I can muster up :)