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Hi Experts,


Need help to understand Syntex License requirement for any implementation.


Which of the following users will require Syntex License (irrespective of Pay as you Go or Per User License)


  1.  User Creating Custom Models for Document Understanding
  2. Users' adding those models to Document Libraries 
  3. Users uploading documents to these document libraries where custom Syntex model is attached
  4. Users who only view content from above document libraries and view the custom metadata populated by Syntex 

Thanks in advance

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See From my understanding:
1. Creating structured form processing or freeeform models does require a license but creating a custom document processing model does NOT require a license, but applying that model to a document library does.
2. Yes this requires a license
3. Must have either a user license or a paygo license
4. License not required to view but you don't get some of the extra syntex features such as advanced query (for now).
Thanks Mario. I read above article before.
We wanted to understand license requirements before Syntex can be proposed to business team.
As per documentation in the URL, Case 3 above requires a license but in practical I was able to upload documents using a user with normal E3 license and Syntex models populated custom columns.
I raised a ticket with Microsoft but no luck from them. The license details are only mentioned on above URL and it contradicts with actual behavior

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My understanding from discussions with the engineering team, a Syntex user license is "required" for uploading documents, but the system doesn't currently prevent an unlicensed user from doing so. Enforcement is on the "honors" system and is part of license compliance but not currently enforced.
Thanks Mario !!
This answers the query.