Is there a way to automatically add chapters to videos?

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Is there a way to automatically populate videos with chapters or does every video have to manually be changed? I have a large list of videos I would like to upload, all with their own lists of chapters. I'm looking for an easier solution than manually entering every timestamp.


I've created a python script that automatically creates chapters for videos and uses ffmpeg to upload the chapter metadata in the video. I would like to upload videos to sharepoint that include these chapters, but I've noticed that sharepoint has their own manual version of creating chapters for videos that are uploaded. Any help or sense of direction would be greatly appreciated!

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@nickcosta upload them to Microsoft Stream, one of the Office 365 apps, then use the Stream web part in your SharePoint pages. Stream is built specifically to host videos, it does chapters with timestamps etc.






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@RobElliott The OP was asking how to automate adding chapters, e.g. with Python. I'm interested too.

No idea at all, I've never used Python.