Formatted List View Limited To 30 Items


I have formatted a list with JSON and it looks good but I have found a peculiar error, no matter what I set the view item limit to, it only shows the first 30 items.


I have a second, none formatted view that shows all of the items as expected so I know the items are in the list and I no that setting the item limit is working on un-formatted lists.


Has anyone else noticed this?

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Hi Marion (@smithme), similar issues have been reported, for example at but it doesn't seem to be universal. This will be no help at all (sorry) and I don't have a solution, but I've just looked at a formatted view with over 1400 items and they all displayed as I scrolled through the list. The last few items are shown below:




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@RobElliott can you still see the full list when using grouping? This is when I'm experiencing this 30 items limit although the setting is set to 50 items. :) 

Hello @Albeppo !

I have the same problem as you! have you found a solution?

I no longer have the worries when I go into private navigation and on other post I also have no worries, I think of a problem of cache but it seems strange to me ...

Nope, I don‘t have a Solution.