Formatted List View Limited To 30 Items


I have formatted a list with JSON and it looks good but I have found a peculiar error, no matter what I set the view item limit to, it only shows the first 30 items.


I have a second, none formatted view that shows all of the items as expected so I know the items are in the list and I no that setting the item limit is working on un-formatted lists.


Has anyone else noticed this?

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Hi Marion (@smithme), similar issues have been reported, for example at but it doesn't seem to be universal. This will be no help at all (sorry) and I don't have a solution, but I've just looked at a formatted view with over 1400 items and they all displayed as I scrolled through the list. The last few items are shown below:




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@RobElliott can you still see the full list when using grouping? This is when I'm experiencing this 30 items limit although the setting is set to 50 items. :) 

Hello @Albeppo !

I have the same problem as you! have you found a solution?

I no longer have the worries when I go into private navigation and on other post I also have no worries, I think of a problem of cache but it seems strange to me ...

Nope, I don‘t have a Solution.

Hi @RobElliott 

I encountered the same problem and tried to find some logical connection to the formatting restriction of 30 elements. It turns out that increasing the default limit of displayed items in the view from 30 to 40 causes the formatting to work not for 30 but for 40 items! (Settings -> Edit View -> Item Limit -> Number of item to display)