Why is Compliance Portal Content Explorer showing sensitive data?

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We have an Azure Tenant with no Azure Information Protection configured.
Why then is Content Explorer in the Compliance Portal showing so much Sensitive Data???

If AIP is not configured, what is running and doing this inventory?


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Thanks Vasil - so are you saying Data Classification in the Compliance Portal works right out of the box - WITHOUT us having to configure anything DLP and AIP related? Because that is what is happening.
Those are more akin to "suggestions", not actual classifications. Plus, there is a default DLP policy nowadays: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/get-started-with-the-default-dlp-policy?vi...

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Hi Vasil,


So do we still need the MCAS AIP File Policies to Discover and Label data then?


Or do we know setup MCAS AIP File Policies just for Discovery and use the new Compliance Portal Information Protection / Auto-labeling feature to label the data?


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