Trialing AIP Unified Labels: not showing in Office 365 Word Desktop ( Insider Build)

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I have test Office 365 tenant where I have defined and published a couple of sensitivity labels.  Additionally, I have installed the ( _UL) AIP unified label client on my Windows 10 insider build ( version 1905 / build 11629.20196)  BYOD.


When I access the local  ODFB ,I can get set one of the above labels once I login to the correct office 365 account  


When I open attempt to edit a document in word  with the correct account set , I am not seeing those pesky labels :unamused_face:.   Note, I am also editing a document in another instance of word which is using another account ( with the labels defined). 


Missing labels.jpg


Any thoughts anyone please?









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@Daniel Westerdale In order to see your labels in the Unified Labeling portal you need to migrate your labels to Unified Labeling, and recreate policies that hold them. 

See details here:

Hope this helps. 

@Enrique Saggese 



Thanks I will follow up your suggestion. The key aspect of this trial is making sure the users have a similar experience in Office clients as they did with AIP classic labels.



@Enrique Saggese 


Post activation the  Unified Labels are available in Office 365: Security & Compliance; and can be set on a local file  in Windows explorer

AIP CLient in Windows.jpg


 However, It looks like support for Unified labelling support hasn't come to my current instance of Word (Office 365) insider build. 



Clients available.PNG

@Daniel Westerdale Indeed, the feature is still in private preview. Public preview will follow. 

@Enrique Saggese 


We had Microsoft on site and I have fed back my findings . It looks the like the Word/Office AIP labelling support doesn't honour the account I have to used to connect ( shown in the right hand of the toolbar).  Instead, it uses the original account I have used to install Office 365 Pro Plus as in not the one with my test AIP labels defined   - works fine in File Explorer.  Probably not an issue for most users but for me it is a pain in the a**  🤨


Word AIP Settings without my email.png

Today I have raised a support request with Microsoft. to that this issue can be tracked.






@Daniel Westerdale 



I am experiencing the same issue, could you please share the cause and the solution with me?


@thetechguru funny you say that as this morning I was on a client call discussing the AIP UL support in Office and the AIP UL client itself. Happy to assist.


  1. I have a test tenant which has UL labels and policies scoped  set up for all SPO sites and ODFBs .
  2. Open up Word and ensure you logged into the correct Office 365 tenant account - test tenant in my case.
  3. Set your UL using the Sensitivity ribbon button 
  4.  Here is test document I created for another demo:
  5. Sensitivity labels in Word.png

See Label on the status bar.



Can you confirm the Windows ver Office build Please?







And the Word desktop client version?  Here is the version I am running.


Word version.PNG


Can you also confirm those UL policy locations in the Office 365 admin center. As an aside, it will be interesting to test the word client with documents in this scope and without say in your local Documents folder. 

Have you also tried the browser Word client?

Note, I removed the AIP UL client on my own laptop to ensure I  tested only the inbuilt AIP UL support in Word desktop when working against SPO & ODFB document libraries.