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The New Microsoft Security Connection Program
Published Feb 03 2023 01:15 PM 17.2K Views

The security community is constantly growing, changing, and learning from each other in order to better position the world against cyber security threats. 


For years, Microsoft has driven a customer-obsessed development process by hosting two private communities for end-users of Microsoft security products: the Microsoft Cloud Security Private Community and the Microsoft 365 Defender Customer Connection Program. Under a strict confidentiality framework, our engineering teams get direct community feedback and insights for our roadmap plans, new user experience designs, private preview features, and more.


Today, we are happy to announce that these two communities have now come together under one team – The Microsoft Security Connection Program.


The goal of this program is to drive quality customer feedback into our prioritization, design, and development process to build the best possible security solutions.


Under this new program, members can provide feedback for the following products:


•       Microsoft Sentinel

•       Microsoft Defender for Cloud

•       Microsoft Defender for IoT

•       Azure Firewall & Firewall Manager

•       Azure DDoS Protection

•       Azure Web Application Firewall

•       Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence

•       Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Mgmt.

•       Microsoft 365 Defender

•       Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

•       Microsoft Defender for Office 365

•       Microsoft Defender for Identity

•       Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps





The way we gather community feedback is through what we call engagements. Engagements are arranged at the right point in our engineering lifecycle so that input from our communities can have the biggest impact. Some of these engagements include:


•       Roadmap input calls

•       Design or insight-gathering surveys

•       Design exercises

•       Focus groups

•       Private previews



As part of our program, members can choose to receive our digital badges and rewards. This is a way for Microsoft to give public recognition for the time that our members invest when participating in our engagements.


If you are an experienced end-user of one of our Microsoft security products listed above and would like to join our communities, you may do so at Currently, you have to sign up for both programs--Cloud Security and Microsoft 365 Defender--separately. However, they will continue to come together over the course of the next year.


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