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How Microsoft Security wants to help you take your fandom and turn it into global influence!
Published Feb 16 2023 12:35 PM 3,653 Views

As you may know, Microsoft has a mission of empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. This mission extends to security, and it is critical that we have global reach and impact.


I want to share with you one of the coolest ways this is achieved – Microsoft Security community badging program.


We want to have a relationship with all our end-users and customers. We start this relationship in public community. This is a great place for anyone to learn about our products, join live webinars with our team, and build up their knowledgebase.


Once a user feels like they have a strong foundation and wants to start influencing our product-development, they should join our Private Community (or Customer Connection Program). This is an NDA-only community where customers from over 240 countries come together to provide insight and feedback to Microsoft engineering.


Now, here is where things get exciting…


Once an end-user is in the private community, they will have opportunities to engage with our team and provide feedback, which earn them “recognition credits”. s these credits build, they will turn into badge recognition!


This program has many ways in which you can provide feedback. It can be in the form of providing your use-cases, experience, or needs on a live call or survey. It can also be by trying a preview feature in your own environment and providing constructive input on a closure form. Regardless of your preference, there is a path for you.

engagement types.jpg


You may be wondering, “How does this make me a global influencer?”.


Well, if you join this program and provide your candid, constructive, feedback to our team… your badge recognition will turn into opportunities for you to build your brand. At the highest levels you can arrange 1:1s with our team, post a blog on TechCommunity, host a Microsoft engineer on your podcast or be hosted on one of ours!. You can even earn the ability to co-host a webinar or video with our team and be nomination for the Microsoft MVP program.


Badging program image.jpg

Our goal is to build security content and micro-communities in as many languages and regions of the world as possible. We would love to join you in this vision and help you build your personal brand in the process.


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