[Question] Authenticating users with their Mifare 1k Badge

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Hello everyone!


I am writing here because I need advice, after searching online for a while without finding any inputs that could help me realize what I have in mind.


Basically, our employees all have a Mifare Classic 1k badge that they use to register their presence in the morning. Some of them have access to a PC, and we would like to migrate the login method from a classic username&password to something passwordless and more secure. 

Since we already have a ton of Mifare Classic 1k contactless cards, we were wondering if they could be used like "smart cards", to store user certificates or credentials, or something like that, so that users can log into Windows with those.


I have been reading Microsoft's documentation about Custom Credential Providers, and I am starting to think that unless we want to change our whole presence detection system, that would be the way to go. Should we develop our own Credential Provider? Is there another way to achieve something like that while maintaining the existing infrastructure?


If that is not the case, may I ask how would you face this challenge? If there is absolutely no way to use our current technology, could you please suggest an alternative to achieve the same result?


Thanks for taking the time to read this post, 

have a nice day!



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