Pre-define Trainable classifiers are not working in Web

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Hi All,


I have configured a pre-define trainable classifier, and it is working in office applications with built in labeling client. however, when I check the same document in Web, the policy tip is not visible even after I keep my browser open and active more than 5 minutes.


I have tested the same document by login into compliance portal > Trainable classifier and the document is picking as it contents IT data.


again, the configuration have been done about 48 hours ago.


below are the configurations that I have done and appreciate if anyone have any clue on this.  I was wondering if I miss any configurations.


  • label settings
    • scope: File, Email, Site, UnifiedGroup
    • No encryption
    • Auto-labeling for files and emails configured with IT trainable classifier only.dilanmic_0-1668828338191.png
  • Label policy settings
    • User must provide a justification to remove or lower its classification
    • Require users to apply a label to their emails and documents
    • Note: I have removed the "Require users to apply a label to their emails and documents" setting from policy and checked it but issue is still exist.dilanmic_1-1668828537259.png


Below is testing looks like in Office Desktop and Web.












Thanks in advance,



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Experiened the exact issue and raised with MS. MS informed me that there is a bug with using trainable classifer for OWA and had to turn off all trainable classifers for auto label to kick back in OWA. No word on the bug being fixed yet.