OME and Azure RMS / AIP Logging and Analysis

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Hi Team, from last week's Office 365 Message Encryption AMA, I heard that OME encryption logging and analysis will be integrated as OME reports into the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center (in 1 or 2 months maybe), and that Azure RMS / AIP logging and analysis, will have a new preview towards the end year.
Any information that can be shared related to this, as well as up to date resources to pull usage reporting?
Thank you,
Pepo Heraud
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That's sounds interesting, there could be roadmap information at Ignite with further details, timescales and whatnot. Might have to hang in until then!

I was hoping not to get that type of answer :) but honestly I was thinking the same thing. Looking forward to see what Ignite may bring this year. Any other volunteers, feel free. Thanks!

Yes! I'll definitely keep an eye on these topics. Thanks for sharing this!