Office 365 Secure Score Showing 0 for a majority of our partner accounts

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Hello all,

We have about a 30/70 split of Partner Accounts with a Secure Score vs. accounts displaying a 0 score. I've taken a pretty extensive look for the cause of the 0, but all I've found in the way so far is to access with a 365 global admin account. This hasn't enabled the score to generate. 

I have to feel at this point I'm missing something fairly obvious, as far as my understanding is that this score will just display to the global admin account. Do I need to turn some auditing or report setting on?

Please advise.

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Hi Connor,


Please file feedback using the button in the bottom right of any Secure Score page from a tenant that has a 0 score.  Unless these accounts are just a day or two old they should have a score.