Office 365 Message Encryption / external users

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I have set up Office 365 Message Encryption for our company and I am trying to test it out for myself before rolling it out to everyone.

I have a home email as well as a work email - the home email is not Office 365, but I use Outlook 2016 on my Windows 10 computer at home. So I sent a few encrypted messages from work email to home email and I can't figure out how to open them within Outlook 2016 Version 1910 (Build  12130.20272 Click-to-run) - I know I can click them and open online.

It seems to me that I should be able to open these right in Outlook 2016 click-to-run according to articles I have read, but I can't figure out how...

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this will only work seamless for users which are having a home Outlook/Hotmail e-mail address or are also using Office 365 or GMAIL. All other recipients have to open them in the browser.