Office 365 Enterprise E1 Plan-Security Hardening

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Require generation of Alerts (Email Alerts) to Admin in case of malicious activities through mails (incoming or outgoing) such as spam mail, malicious attachment, phishing attack, etc.

This is basically for security hardening of Ofiice 365 E1 Plan.

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Specifically for setting up alerts, from this guide, for malware deletion - Configure anti-malware policies


  In the Exchange admin center (EAC), navigate to Protection > Malware filter


  Double-click the default policy in order to edit this company-wide policy.


  Click the Settings menu option. In the Malware Detection Response section


  In the Notifications section, you have the option to send a notification email message to senders or       administrators when a message is detected as malware and is not delivered. These notifications are         only sent when the entire message is deleted.


In general, here are some Best practices for configuring EOP.


If you want to see how well your tenant is being protected be sure to check out Office 365 Secure Score as well, here is a FAQ and (my) guide.


Office 365 Secure Score.png

This is a good link as well, explaining how Office 365 combats spam, what options are available as well as some more advanced topics -


Office 365 email anti-spam protection