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New Blog Post | Protect critical information within SAP systems against cyberattacks



Protect critical information within SAP systems against cyberattacks - Microsoft Tech Community


SAP systems and applications handle massive volumes of business-critical data that is hosted on cloud or on-premises infrastructure. The SAP ecosystem is complex and difficult for security operations (SecOps) teams to effectively monitor and protect against growing threats.  A breach of the SAP system could result in data loss, disruption to business processes, loss of revenue and major reputation damage.


Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP allows you to monitor, detect, and respond to suspicious activities within the SAP ecosystem, protecting your sensitive data against sophisticated cyberattacks. With Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP you can:

  • Monitor all SAP system layers - gain visibility across business logic, application, database, and operating system layers with built-in investigation and threat detection tools
  • Detect and automatically respond to threats - discover suspicious activity including privilege escalation, unauthorized changes, sensitive transactions, and suspicious data downloads with out-of-the-box detection capabilities
  • Customize based on your needs - build your own threat detection solutions to monitor specific business risks to extend built-in security content



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