Need information on Azure Information Protection

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We have developed a website, where access to users will be give by admin based on request from user.

On clicking allow admin should be able to give access to user such as offline view, print permission, only in company domain, expire access after a set time period etc.

How do I configure this.

I am new to AIP please guide me in this process

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@chandrashekharazad  I am a bit unsure of what you want to do here. Could you please give a little more detail about your setup, where files are stored, are they protected and so on. Also you say that access will be given to users by an admin. What users are we talking about here? Guest users? Users in your domain?

Hi @Pål Winther,

We have developed a website where user (employee of a organisation)who needs access to view, print a PDF file needs to raise a  request in the website.

If the request is valid(if user really needs access will be decided based on business requirement) admin(eg. manager) would grant the access by clicking accept button.

Details(Employee ID) of the user who request for access will be saved in the database(On-premise) , based on details from database access will be granted.


1. Files are stored in On-premise database.

2. All the PDF files are already protected.


Only user in Active Directory list will be able to access the website.

The access granted should be revoked after a week.


All this has to be automated, I know we need to use PowerShell for automation.

But as I am using AIP for the first time, I need guidance on how to automate process of granting access to user using AIP with out any manual intervention.


Sorry@chandrashekharazad  . This is quite a bit more than what I can answer here. Maybe someone can give you a quick and easy answer, but I am unable to. Best of luck.