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Microsoft Purview Data Catalog: New Features & Enhancements
Published Feb 23 2023 09:00 AM 4,601 Views

Microsoft Purview Data Catalog provides data scientists, engineers, and analysts with the data they need for BI, analytics, AI, and machine learning. It makes data easily discoverable by using familiar business and technical search terms and eliminates the need for Excel data dictionaries with an enterprise-grade business glossary. It enables customers to track the origin of their data with interactive data lineage visualization. 


We continue to listen to your feedback and have been hard at work to enable various features in Purview Data Catalog in different areas like data curation, browse & search, business glossaries, business workflows, and self-service data access among others in the last 6 months.


Data Curation:

  1. Create, update, delete, and assign managed attributes to data assets. Learn more here.
  2. Rich text editor support for asset updates (description etc.). Learn more here

Browse & Search:

  1. Keyword highlighting in search results. Learn more here
  2. Managed attributes filter support in search results. Learn more here.

Business Glossary:

  1. Create multiple glossaries to manage business terms across different business units in your organization. Learn more here.
  2. Rich text editor support for business glossaries. Learn more here.
  3. Delete term templates without references. Learn more here.
  4. Add, update, and remove templates for existing terms. Learn more here.

Business Workflows:

  1. Approval workflow for data asset curation. Learn more here.
  2. Cancel Workflow run. Learn more here.
  3. Reassign approvals and tasks in workflows. Learn more here.
  4. Support for HTTP connector. Learn more here.
  5. Set reminders and expiry for approvals and task requests in workflows. Learn more here.

Self-Service Data Access:

  1. Request access on behalf of another user in Microsoft Purview Studio. Learn more here.
  2. Request access on behalf of another user in Microsoft Synapse Studio. Learn more here.
  3. Assign data asset owners as approvers for self-service data access. Learn more here.

Our goal is to continue adding features and improve the usability of Microsoft Purview governance capabilities. Get Started easily and quickly using Microsoft Purview. If you have any feature requests or want to provide feedback, please visit the Microsoft Purview forum.

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