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Localization of AIP Client - cannot find --> Label: "not set"

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We currently prepare the rollout of O365 along with AIP. We do have to support languages DE/FR/IT.


The overall process is pretty straight forward, however I have difficulties to find a certain text displayed on the bar at the very left end of it. The first text "Label:" an could find.


I cannot find The phrase "not set", I scanned through the xml files without success, even policy exports did not show any sign of that phrase. See the position of the phrase below.



Any hint how I can localize this text, respectively where to find it?


Thanks in advance.


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@Max Philipp Blickenstorfer 

The AIP label localization process, as defined here:

is specifically for localizing the label names and descriptions. 

There's no need (or functionality) to localize the rest of the User Interface, since that's already localized in the product in dozens of languages (if I am not mistaken, in all the languages in which Office itself is available). The language of all the AIP User Interface elements should automatically show in the language in which the application UI is displayed. 

The word "Not Set" is part of this user interface, so it should show in the same language as the rest of the UI. If you find that this is not the case (e.g. if you see the UI to a language, and the words "Label" and "Protect" are correctly localized, but the words "Not Set" are not, please open a support case and we'll have someone in engineering investigate a fix. 

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Hi @Enrique Saggese 


What you write does make sense to me and I feel more safe that I did not miss anything silly. However, the word "Label:" in the AIP bar can be localized while other content of the bar cannot. I'll forward this information to our UI & Awareness Team.


Thanks for your explanation.


Kind Regards


@Max Philipp Blickenstorfer Ah, the word "Label" is from the name you use instead of "Sensitivity". The term "sensitivity" is localized by default, but if you change the term used for your labeling in the UI you would have to localize that, and it is indeed included in the localization files. 

Essentially, anything you can customize in the original language can be localized, but everything that is part of the immutable UI, is automatically localized.