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Exchange - On-prem - AIP

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In these GDPR times ... :D 


I know that AIP can scan File-shares and SharePoint 'On-prem'  - for sensitive data - and in "report mode" only give an overview of  the sensitive data that resides "On-prem"


but what about Exchange 'On-prem'?  - which tool do I use here in order to see what sensitive data that resides in the users mailbox  ? 

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That's a bit harder to do. You can run a discovery search over a single (or multiple) mailboxes. However: how do you determine what is sensitive and what isn't? Do you already know what type of messages you would classify as such?

Hi Michael 


Thanks :) - and yes it requires some "looking for this" keywords - but does this discovery search also include attachments ?  :) 

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