DLP Exceptions issues

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We are trying to setup a DLP Policy that does the following:

If an email is sent to either gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc forward that email for approval to X users except if the sender of the email is "xyz@company.com" or "abc@company.com".


We have created a new DLP Policy, as follows:

  • Exchange email (all included, none excluded). No other Location is selected

Customized DLP Rule:

  • Recipient domain is: hotmail.com, gmail.com, yahoo.com etc
  • Except if sender is: "xyz@company.com" or "abc@company.com"
  • Action: Forward message to X for approval

Turn the Policy on right away.


If i send an email from xyz@company.com to james@hotmail.com, this should go through without being forwarded for approval, but this is not the case and the email is forwarded for approval.


I cannot see what i am doing wrong here.


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